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Compliance Program

In order to enhance Texas State University's reputation as an institution with the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity, the university has implemented a compliance program for university faculty and staff.

In this context, compliance means understanding and adhering to all the rules, regulations, laws, and policies, both internal and external, that relate to faculty and staff positions. Our compliance program is designed to coordinate and disseminate information to faculty and staff that is necessary for the performance of their responsibilities.  In addition, the compliance program helps protect the university from regulatory errors, omissions and failures by improving communication and information among members of the university community.  It encourages staff to come forward to report instances of non-compliance and changes the compliance model from detect and correct to anticipate and prevent.

The university's compliance program provides faculty and staff with an awareness of the minimum required and encourages them to go beyond mere compliance to create a culture of ethics in all areas of their lives.

  • Compliance is doing the minimum required by laws, policies, or rules.
  • Ethics is doing what you should do because it is right.  It exceeds mere compliance.

Staff Compliance Modules

All Texas State staff members are responsible for their conduct and must complete compliance training every two years to renew their Ethics Compliance Certification. 

  • Staff Compliance Module I: Ethics and Compliance
  • Staff Compliance Module II: Appropriate Use of Information Resources
  • Staff Compliance Module III: Copyright
  • Staff Compliance Module IV: FERPA
  • Staff Compliance Module V: Information Security
  • Staff Compliance Module VI: Gifts, Gratuities and Conflict of Interest
  • Staff Compliance Module VII: Drug-Free and Weapon-Free Workplace 
  • Staff Compliance Module VIII: Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Staff Compliance Module IX: Outside Employment
  • Staff Compliance Module X: Overtime Compensation
  • Staff Compliance Module XI: Political Activities and Contributions
  • Staff Compliance Module XII: Purchasing
  • Staff Compliance Module XIII: Records Management
  • Staff Compliance Module XIV: University Property