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Faculty Compliance Module I: Ethics and Compliance

To meet Texas State's mission, faculty must clearly articulate the university's commitment to ethical conduct and integrity.

Ethical conduct and compliance are each faculty member's personal responsibility. The university holds each faculty member accountable for his or her own conduct. This responsibility includes more than following university policies. During working hours faculty represent the university, and their actions reflect on the university. Faculty are responsible for using university resources efficiently to accomplish university goals.

Faculty are not only responsible for their behavior;  they are also responsible for reporting workplace issues that do not comply with university policy to the appropriate authority. Everyone must report suspected instances of unethical behavior or non-compliance whether they are directly involved or just observe it.

At Texas State, anyone reporting a problem in good faith is protected from retaliation. The university takes legitimate complaints very seriously. It protects the person making the complaint, investigates the issue, and, if necessary, takes steps to correct the problem.

The Faculty Handbook contains guidelines for reporting personnel issues. For other issues the university has provided the hotlines listed below.

Ethicspoint toll free hotline:

University Audit and Analysis Website:

University Audit and Analysis Hotline:
512.245.1707 (leave voice mail)

State Auditor's Office Hotline:

Compliance is about doing what policies, regulations, and laws require.

Ethics is about doing what you should do because it is right.

"An ethical person chooses to do more than the law requires

and less than the law allows." - Christopher Stone