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Faculty Compliance Module II: Appropriate Use of Information Resources

A university information resource is any university-owned or university-managed device, tool, function or process capable of receiving, storing, managing or transmitting electronic data, as well as the data itself.

Texas State is a public institution, and as such, is subject to the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA), formerly known as the Open Records Act. The TPIA states that all recorded information owned or accessed by a governmental body is public information, with certain exceptions. You may have to disclose e-mail messages in response to open records requests, subpoenas, court orders and similar directives.

You may make incidental personal use of the university's information resources.

Don't use university resources for personal gain or commercial purposes.

Protect your identity. Never share your password with anyone else, including your co-workers or members of your family.

You may not use resources to influence the result of any election or for other political purposes.

Don't think of your university e-mail as private. The university reserves the right to access all of the system's contents. E-mail can be viewed by authorized staff, such as auditors and server administrators, in the performance of their assigned duties and for internal investigations of crimes and policy violations, such as claims of harassment and fraud.

Please review the university's appropriate use policy UPPS 04.01.07 every time you change your password.

Report inappropriate use of the university's information resources to Information Technology at:

The Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC)
245.ITAC (4822),

IT Security, 245.4225,