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Faculty Compliance Module IV: Copyright Protection

Works of authorship are protected and include literary works, musical works, motion pictures, sound recordings, architectural drawings, dramatic and graphic works, and computer software.

Under the The Texas State University System's Regents' Rules, an employee who authors a work owns the copyright to the work unless one of the following applies:

1) the university commissioned the work

2) the university provided substantial resources to the employee
    in developing the work

3) there is a contract that provides otherwise for ownership

Computer Software

The university licenses software, databases and other information resources for use by its students, faculty and staff. Use these resources as allowed by the license provisions and terms of use, which can vary across products.

Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted software violates federal copyright law. Users must abide by all software license agreements.

Users may copy licensed software only as permitted by the license agreement. Read the agreement with the software vendor or consult a copyright specialist.

Students, faculty and staff may not make, use or distribute unauthorized copies. Any such use is without consent of Texas State and may expose the user to personal liability.

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