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HR Forum Committee

Members of the HR Forum serve a significant role as key points of contact between their departments and Human Resources. 

HR recommends names of participants based on frequent interaction and broad based membership. Vice presidents of respective divisions provide final membership approval.

Committee Members

Albert Cheng

Amy McAllister

Bertha DeLeon

Carolyn Holesovsky

Christie Sampley

Cynthia Prado

Dana Chapman

Debbie Chandler

Ethel Banks

Holly Tipton

Isabel Mathies

Michelle Aguilar

Jessica Etzler

Karen Farnsworth

Karen Munoz

Kathy Scott

Kathy Whetstone

Kindra Colgin

Krista Haynes

LA Chafin

Lacy Needham

LaDonna Tate

Lillian Garcia

Margie Rodriguez

Mary Alice Gonzales

Mary Ann Mendoza

Mary Ann Ortiz-Moerke

Mary Ann Trevino

Jackie DeLeon

Melanie Liddle

Melinda Olivo

Michelle Bohn

Norma Gaier

Patricia Prado

Paula Slocombe

Rita Staires

Sharon Brennan

Sandra Elliot

Sophia Joseph

Stacey Rodriguez

Sylvia Cruz

Sylvia Mobley

Teresa Rudolph

Alyssa Marie Rodriguez