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DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification

DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH)Verification
(Texas State University)

I have been notified that a Computerized Criminal History (CCH) verification check will be performed by accessing the Texas Department of Public Safety Secure Website and will be based on name and DOB identifiers I supply.

Because the name-based information is not an exact search and only fingerprint record searches represent true identification to criminal history, the organization conducting the criminal history check for background screening is not allowed to discuss any criminal history record information obtained using the name and DOB method. Therefore, the agency may request that I have a fingerprint search performed to clear any misidentification based on the result of the name and DOB search.

For the fingerprinting process I will be required to submit a full and complete set of my fingerprints for analysis through the Texas Department of Public Safety AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). I have been made aware that in order to complete this process I must make an appointment with L1 Enrollment Services, submit a full and complete set of my fingerprints, request a copy be sent to the agency listed below, and pay a fee of $24.95 to the fingerprinting services company, L1 Enrollment Services.

Once this process is completed and the agency receives the data from DPS, the information on my fingerprint criminal history record may be discussed with me. (This copy must remain on file by your agency. Required for future DPS Audits)

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DPS Criminal Background Check Instructions

Per university policy 04.04.17

Non-Student Non-Regular (NSNR) employees must undergo a criminal history background check. Background checks are only good for ninety (90) days so returning employees require it to be run again. Additionally, student workers, volunteers and interns will undergo a criminal history background check when requested by the department.

Effective in 2014 with the hiring of a NSNR, student worker or volunteer/intern the new DPS form will need to be completed in order for a background check to be run. They will not be run from email notifications.

Fill in the requested information: Applicant/Employee name, person requesting check, date of birth of the applicant, department requesting background check, date and click on the type of position the applicant will hold. These are all required fields.

Once all the information is filled in click on the Submit Request to Human Resources and the request will go to employment for the background to be run. Once it is completed you will be notified of approval to hire.