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I want to compensate an existing salaried staff employee for performing additional job duties other than the duties performed in their current position. What steps do I need to follow?

1. Prior to offering an opportunity for additional compensation to an existing employee, the department should refer to UPPS 04.04.12. - Compensation in Excess of Base Annual

2. Contact Human Resources for guidance

3. Be aware of the restrictions and method of correct compensation in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), state law, and university policy.

If wishing to compensate a current exempt employee who is also performing exempt level job duties in a situation outside their normal position, additional compensation is paid by a lump sum Stipend payment. The department must complete a Special Payment PCR, indicating in the comments section the date, time worked and an explanation of the duties performed. If the employee performed the additional duties during their normal day, the time away should be covered by use of vacation or state compensatory time to avoid dual compensation for the same period of time.  Please keep in mind that Human Resources will be review the job duties and compare them to the GOJA or job description for the employee’s current position. We have returned PCRs in instances where the department has attempted to pay an employee additional compensation for work that is already a part of their regular job. In these instances the stipend PCR may be rejected.

If wishing to compensate a current non-exempt employee for additional job duties performed outside of their normal position, compensation must be paid by use of the Event Work Hours option in time entry.  Consistent with federal law and university policy, a non-exempt employee cannot receive a lump sum stipend payment. Any hours worked on the additional assignment must be recorded on a paper timesheet, certified by the employee’s signature as being true and accurate, and approved by the supervisor who is responsible for funding the additional employment.  The paper timesheet is then sent to the time administrator for the employee’s main appointment for completion of the designated time and dates. Upon selection of the Event Work Hours option (code 0130), the time administrator will have the ability to enter the cost center/internal order and fund of the correct funding source.   Dates and hours must accurately reflect the actual number of hours worked and the department is to never falsify the time entry to reach a pre-determined amount.  Doing so may be a violation of state law and university policy.  Payment is determined by paying time and one-half x the employee’s hourly rate (based on their current annual salary)

Compensation for additional work performed cannot exceed more than 25% of the staff employee’s base annual salary each fiscal year.

Managers must contact HR prior to any offer of additional employment or compensation.

What is the procedure for hiring a new employee?

UPPS 04.04.03, "Staff Employment" provides the procedures for hiring new employees. Please review the attached UPPS:

What do I do after I have decided on my selected applicant and prior to offering the position?

Approval from the Office of Equity and Access and completion of the criminal history background investigation is required before an offer of employment is extended and the appointing PCR can be processed by the hiring department. Once approval has been granted by Equity & Access, the background check results are obtained and the hiring manager has been notified by a Human Resources representative, the selected applicant can be notified.  If the offer is accepted, the hiring department will submit a PCR to place the individual on the payroll. The PCR cannot be processed until Human Resources receives the I-9 and the new hire documentation is completed at New Employee Orientation. The PCR should be submitted as soon as possible after the hiring process is completed and must be approved through proper administrative channels before the selected applicant reports to work. If the selected individual is new to Texas State University-San Marcos or is beginning their first monthly staff position (hourly to salary payroll), the account manager should send the individual to New Employee Orientation (NEO) in accordance with the provisions of UPPS No. 04.04.15. If the applicant was selected for a position that requires operating a University vehicle, please refer to UPPS 04.04.03, Sec. 06 to request the driving record check.

When do new employees start?

Regular staff employees should begin employment on the first work day of the week.  During years when September 1 is not the first work day of the week, September 1 will be an acceptable start date.  Human Resources will adjust the NEO Part I accordingly. If the first day of the week is a holiday, employment starts on the following work day. Special approval (in written format) from the division vice president must be received in Human Resources prior to allowing a new employee to begin employment on a day other than the first work day of the week (out-of-cycle). The new employee will then attend the next scheduled NEO session.

How do I fill out the electronic applicant log?

The applicant log must be filled out with the reason for selection and non-selection for each applicant including those interviewed but not selected. The applications must be compared against the stated job related criteria listed in the job posting.
In addition, the reason for non-selected but interviewed employees must be given based on the posted job-related criteria as well.
In addition to completing the log information, the account manager must complete the two electronic employment verification forms, located under the Employment Verification tab in EASY.

How do I fill out the employment matrix?

The hiring manager will complete a selection matrix indicating which knowledge, skills and abilities each applicant will need in order to be considered for the job. This selection matrix may only contain the knowledge, skills and abilities taken from the approved Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis (GOJA) for the position and listed in the job posting. The selection matrix is designed to provide a basis for equal analysis and treatment of each applicant during the initial screening phase of the review process. It is to be used to objectively compare an applicant’s qualifications to the job advertisement. All selection criteria must be job related, and all applicants and applications must be compared to these criteria. Hiring managers have the option of using the matrix provided on the HR website or a similar matrix of their own design.

How are applicants notified that they were not selected?

All applicants who fail to meet the minimum qualifications for the position for which they applied will be notified immediately via the PeopleAdmin application system. The hiring department is responsible for notifying all non-selected interviewed candidates.  Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the position but who are not interviewed may refer to the PeopleAdmin application system for updates on the status of their application.

What do I need to do when someone wants to resign and I need to post the position?

A terminating PCR from the employee’s department is needed if the employee is leaving Texas State. If the employee is simply changing positions and/or changing departments within the university, the “receiving” department will complete the PCR.  
Once notified of an absolute termination date, the account manager needs to prepare the PCR form to remove the person from payroll and prepare a Position Requisition via the PeopleAdmin employment system in order to post the vacancy. 
Once the hiring manager completes the necessary information on the requisition it is routed through administrative channels for signature.  The requisition is then routed to Human Resources for posting for recruitment.  A Human Resources representative will notify the hiring manager when they are in receipt of the requisition and at that point monthly salary, the posting period, any questions/revisions regarding the job posting will be determined. The hiring manager will also need to develop the minimum qualifications, KSAs, the hiring matrix, and any supplemental questions to be asked via the PeopleAdmin system.
The supplemental questions must be open ended and applicants cannot be excluded from consideration for failure to answer the supplemental questions. The supplemental questions must link back to the knowledge, skills and abilities in the GOJA for the posted position.

How do I promote a student or temporary employee into a regular position?

Students and temporary employees must compete for any posted vacancy. They will need to follow standard application procedures and apply for the position once it has been opened for recruitment via the PeopleAdmin employment system.

How long does a position need to be opened?

UPPS 04.04.03, Staff Employment requires that all staff positions be posted for a minimum of 10 working days. A significant business need must be provided in order to post for fewer than 10 working days. Such a need must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Equity and Access prior to posting.
A significant business need has been established and approved for the following positions which permit them to be posted for only 5 working days: Administrative Assistant I and II, Custodian, Grounds Maintenance Worker I and II, Grant Clerk, Grant Secretary, Utility Maintenance Worker I and II and Guard positions. 

I would like to hire a Non-student, Non-regular temporary hourly employee (NSNR). Where do I look for guidance on the policy and procedures?

If you need to hire a NSNR employee, first determine the job duties they will be performing and select a title job title in our University Pay Plan If you need assistance determining the correct job title, contact Jeff Lund at, providing a list of the job duties the NSNR employee will be performing. The employee must be compensated at an hourly rate within the designated pay range for the selected job title. If the department does not have a vacant hourly position currently available, you will need to generate a New Position Data Form (NPDF). The form should be sent to Katie Bonner at The NPDF may be found on the Human Resources website under HR FORMS at Please allow a one to two day turnaround. A background check will also need to be performed on the person selected for hire by the department. Please contact Bobbie Brandenburg at Once the position is set up and the background check is completed, a Personnel Change Request (PCR) is generated and routed along with the NSNR support documents for department approval and processing by the HR Master Data Center. The NSNR support documents can be found on the Human Resources website under New Hire Forms - NSNR Staff Support Documents. The direct link is

A powerpoint tutorial is also available to help understand the hiring process of NSNR's

My department posted a regular status staff position and we would like to hire someone who is currently working as a NSNR hourly employee on campus. What procedure do I need to follow?

Once the selection of the employee is approved by Equity & Access, the hiring departments must follow specific steps to ensure a smooth transition. Within SAP, an employee cannot cross payroll areas within the same pay period (NSNR employees are paid on the S-1 bi-monthly payroll; regular status employees are paid on the once a month M-1 payroll). Your NSNR employee must complete their temporary hours within the previous month of the new hire date of the regular staff position,

i.e. NSNR employee works in their hourly position in the month of January. All work hours in January must be entered in the SAP portal and approved within the month of January. The employee is then eligible to start working on the 1st of February in the regular status staff position. If there is break in service between the NSNR appointment and the regular status benefits eligible position, a separation PCR should be complete. If there is no break in service, an Additional Appointment PCR should be completed, indicating the selected reason of Hourly to Salary.

I just hired a new employee but do not know if they will be paid on the next payroll run. Where can I look on-line to find the PCR cutoff schedule?

In order for your staff or student employee to be paid on the next available payroll date, the PCR and support documents must be received in the Human Resources Master Data Center by the published payroll deadline. Below is the link to payroll deadline schedule: