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Relocation Services Now Available

Relocation services are now available to Texas State job candidates, employees, and employee family members at no cost to the University or the individual.  Human Resources is your contact for questions and information.

In August, Texas State signed a service agreement with Global Management Services, Inc (GMS), a nationally recognized and highly reputable relocation services provider. GMS is currently providing services to over 350 corporate clients, including the University of Texas at Austin, and Texas A&M University.

GMS begins their client relationship with a job candidate at the pre-hire stage and continues that relationship throughout the hiring and relocation process. There is no cost associated with GMS pre-decision and post hire services except those negotiated for the actual relocation itself such as moving van, air fare, and other transportation expenses.  Likewise, GMS will work with Texas State employees or family members if they find it necessary to relocate.

If your department is interested in using any of the services provided by GMS such as area tours, realtor services, information on local school districts, day care and elder care services, etc., please complete the GMS Relocation Request Form located on the Human Resources web page.

The completed electronic form will then flow to the HR Employment Office and then on to GMS for processing.  The Job candidate, new hire or other eligible client will be contacted by GMS within 24 hours.

For more information regarding the GMS relocation service, or any other questions regarding staff employment, please contact:

LynnAnn Brewer
phone: 5-6583