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Graduate Student Insurance Comparison Summary

Graduate students employed in a benefits-eligible position are eligible to participate in the medical insurance and other optional benefits offered to Texas State employees through the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

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An eligible position is an appointment for at least 20 hours per week (50% FTE) for a minimum period of 4 ½ months in one of the following job titles. Further details are outlined in UPPS 07.07.06 Salaried Graduate Student Employment Procedures.

  • Graduate/Doctoral Teaching Assistant
  • Graduate/Doctoral Instructional Assistant
  • Graduate/Doctoral Research Assistant
  • Graduate/Doctoral Assistant

As a graduate student employee, you are entitled to receive a 50% contribution toward your medical premiums and a 25% contribution toward eligible dependents’ medical premiums. There is a 60-day waiting period for medical coverage to begin and no waiting period for optional coverage such as dental, vision or term life insurance. Employees must contact Human Resources within the first 30 days of employment to enroll in coverage or wait until the next annual enrollment period.

You can find details, including premiums and rates, about coverage available on the Employees Retirement System of Texas website:

Graduate students are also eligible for insurance plans through the Student Health Center.  You can find details, including rates and enrollment deadlines, on the Student Health Center website: