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The Support Staff Resources Website: Information at Your Fingertips!

The Administrative Support Services Committee (ASSC) and Human Resources (HR) have created a Support Staff Resources website to assist employees via links to quickly locate information on business processes, services, forms and training opportunities. The website can be found by (1) clicking on the Expand Navigation button on the main Texas State home page and then clicking on Support Staff Resources, or (2) going directly to the website by clicking on

The site has the ability to list topics two ways: Alphabetically (A-Z) or by Division. The A-Z listing provides an alphabetical listing of links for a variety of topics. The divisional listing provides a list of departments, sections, and functions within each division.

This website has become a primary tool for those who provide administrative support services to the campus. It is a “living” site in that it is continuously improved, expanded, and updated. To steer this development, employees are strongly encouraged to submit their observations and recommendations to the ASSC.


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August Timekeeping

For timekeeping purposes, the month of August ends August 30 and should include the following weeks ending:


August 30


Remember, for employees entering their own time using the SAP Portal Employee Self Service (ESS), release your time at the end of each week.

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New Employee Orientation II Breakfast

All new staff employees hired during the past month are reminded that the second part of New Employee Orientation will occur on Friday, August 8, 2014. This mandatory session will be held in JCK 460 from 8:15 am to 12:00 noon. Employees are asked to arrive by 8:00 am in order to have continental breakfast before the session begins.  Any new faculty members are also invited to attend.  This monthly session (held on the second Friday of each month) is the second part of an orientation program for all new Texas State employees. Employees receive information to enhance their basic understanding of Texas State and the benefits and opportunities associated with employment. For more information, contact Professional Development at extension 5‐7899.

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Group Insurance Annual Enrollment Ends August 1, 2014

Annual Enrollment (AEN) ends on Friday, August 1 (ERS Online closes at 7:00 pm). Changes you make during AEN will be effective on September 1, 2014 and reflected on your October 1 paycheck.

  • Last chance to log in to ERS Online to change your TexFlex and group insurance coverage. If you do not need to make any changes, your current elections will carry over to the new plan year.
  • If you added a new dependent(s) to coverage, you will be contacted by Aon Hewitt to provide documents, such as a birth certificate or marriage license, to establish your dependent’s eligibility for insurance coverage. You must comply with the request or your dependent’s coverage will be canceled.
  • You will not receive new medical and dental cards unless you added a new dependent or changed to a new plan. In this case, you will receive new cards in early September. If you need replacement cards, contact the appropriate provider in the ERS Provider Directory.

For more information, check out our Group Insurance Annual Enrollment 2014 website. If you have other questions, please contact the Benefits Office at 5-2557,, or visit us in JCK 360.

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Ongoing ERS Dependent Eligibility Verification

All newly added dependents need verification

Did you add a dependent to your health coverage this Annual Enrollment? If you add someone who wasn’t identified as your eligible dependent in a previous audit, Aon Hewitt will request documentation to prove your dependent’s eligibility for benefits.

It’s your responsibility to comply with the verification and provide the appropriate proof of eligibility to Aon Hewitt by the due date given in your letter. If you do not respond or Aon Hewitt finds your dependent to be ineligible for benefits, ERS will cancel all of your dependent’s coverage, including health, dental, and dependent life insurance. An ineligible or unverified dependent will not be eligible for COBRA.

If Aon Hewitt finds your dependent to be eligible, his or her coverage continues uninterrupted by the dependent eligibility verification.

You will need to follow this process any time you add dependents who were not previously verified as your eligible dependent. Remember:  it is very important that you respond to the verification request quickly and provide the requested documents by the due date.

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New Faculty Orientation Scheduled

New Faculty Orientation will be held on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 in JC Kellam 1100 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Preparations are underway to welcome our new faculty for the fall semester.

Please register your new faculty who will be attending the orientation by sending an email to Heather Steed at A calendar of orientation events and other resource information is available at

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Graduate Student Insurance Meeting Scheduled

New benefits-eligible graduate student employees have the option to enroll in either the Student Insurance Plan administered by the Student Health Center or the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) through Human Resources.

We encourage graduate student employees to attend an information meeting to learn about both programs and make an informed choice.

Where: Alkek Library Room 105/106
When:  Wednesday, August 27, 2014
10:00 am

What are the Main Differences?

One primary difference is that the GBP has a 60-day waiting period for health coverage. For example, if a graduate student is hired on September 1, health coverage will be effective on November 1. The Student Insurance Plan does not have a waiting period.

The GBP offers optional coverage such as dental, term life, disability, accidental death and dismemberment, and dependent term life without a waiting period. However, there is a limited 30-day enrollment window for these optional coverages. Graduate student employees can enroll for health coverage in the Student Insurance Plan and still choose optional coverage with the GBP.

International students are required to have coverage on the first day of school. The Student Insurance Plan is the only option which provides this opportunity. Students must enroll in the Student Health Plan by August 22, 2014 to have coverage begin before classes start.

Contact for Additional Information

Student Insurance Plan:
Texas State Student Health Center at 5-2161

Texas Employees Group Benefits Program: Human Resources Benefits Office
JC Kellam Bldg, Room 360 or call 5-2557

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Salary Spread Election Deadline for FY2015

Faculty, staff and graduate students who want to change their salary spread election must do so by Friday, August 22, 2014.

To be eligible to spread your 9-month salary over 12 monthly paychecks, you must be appointed for nine months (September 1 – May 31). Per IRS regulations, if you elect salary spread you cannot change it for the remainder of the fiscal year.

It is important to note that if you terminate employment, all deferred salary will be paid out in a lump sum on the next paycheck. This typically increases the federal income tax withholding percentage for that month. Also, enrolling in salary spread does not extend your employment or insurance benefits through the summer if you are not returning the following fall.

If you are currently enrolled in salary spread and will be continuing with a 9-month appointment for the next academic year, your salary spread election will continue for the next year unless you elect to cancel it. If you have multiple assignments, all assignments will be placed on salary spread.

Election forms are available from Human Resources or on our website at If you have questions, please contact Debbie DeLaCruz ( or call 5-2557.

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Bobcat Balance Provides Legal Services

You can obtain legal services through Bobcat Balance, your Employee Assistance and Work Life Program. Services include:

  • An initial consultation per year on each new legal topic or issue. This initial consultation with an attorney can be by telephone or in person. The attorney provides up to one half hour for an initial consultation under the plan at no charge.
  • For more complex legal issues, 25% reduced hourly rates if you use plan attorneys within the Bobcat Balance network.
  • Access to forms for a “simple will” available online.
  • Covered issues include, but are not limited to: contract and property disputes, personal liability and consumer rights, separation and divorce, child support and custody, auto accidents, identity theft.

To access the Legal Services through Bobcat Balance, visit the Work Life website at or call Bobcat Balance directly at 855-884-7224.

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SAP for Supervisors 

End of Fiscal Year Reminders

While reviewing leave and time records for end of year processing, we can see that several are not up-to-date. SAP allows for “real time” reporting; yet many employees do not enter time on a weekly basis as required by policy.

What is Missing?

There are time records which have been released by employees, but not approved by their supervisor. There are also employees who have never reported any deviations to their normal work schedule. Failure to process these time transactions has several consequences:

  •      Underpayment of overtime
  •  Overpayment of vacation and overtime to terminated employees, and
  •  Erroneous reporting of leave liability on our annual financial report to the State.

As we close another year it is important that all leave and time records are current. Whether you are an employee, supervisor, department head or time administrator you must do your part to ensure that all leave and time records are accurate and current.

What Can You Do?

Here are some tips to help you throughout the year. Make sure:

  •  All time has been entered for the year - "enter and release" every week
  •  All time has been approved
  •  All rejected time has been corrected or deleted
  •  All paper time reports and leave approval forms are signed by the employee and supervisor
  •  Whether using paper or electronic timesheets, you have documentation to support your leave (doctor notes, jury duty certification, etc.)
  •  Leave and time records and support documents remain on file and available for audit for four years.

SAP time entry tracking reports are available to help monitor time entry and approval. They can be found at the Human Resources website at under Leave and Time Reporting. Additional information can also be found on the SAP Resources website at

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Top Five Reminders for Hourly Student Worker Appointments

1. Be sure to terminate your student workers who are not returning for the Fall 2014 semester.

2. Remember to select the correct effective date of separation when submitting a separation or end additional assignment PCR. The effective date should be the last day actually worked. Use transaction CATS_DA (Display Working Times) to verify last time entry.

3. Review your existing student worker appointments to verify whether they are active or there are positions no longer needed. Use SAP transaction ZNOTIME – Employees with No Time Entry for a list of employees with either no time entry or time entry that is not current.

4. If you have returning student workers for Fall 2014 and you know what date they will begin working, we encourage you to submit the PCRs promptly. There is a large volume of PCRs for the fall semester and entry into SAP will be determined by date of receipt in Human Resources.

5. If you will be hiring work-study students for Fall 2014, be sure to use the work-study account numbers in the chart below:

SW Appointments

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Texas State Employee Discount Program
Featured Discounts for August

To help you stay up to date on new ways to save, check out this month’s featured discounts from the Texas State Employee Discount Program. Highlights include:

  • You could win $250,000!
  • Save on eligible plans from Verizon Wireless. Plus, get 25% off accessories, and other special discounts on service and equipment – all with reliable coverage on America’s largest 4G LTE network.
  • Protect your home with a FrontPoint alarm system. Save up to $350 on safer home security that gives you complete peace of mind.
  • Save 10% off jewelry from Blue Nile, the leading online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. Discount not available on all items.
  • Visit your local Sam’s Club on Saturday, Sept. 13, to join and save! Get up to a $25 gift card when you sign up for a membership.

Limited-time offers and regional programs are also available. Find out more about the Texas State Employee Discount Program, and make these discounts and services work for you!

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EASY (PA 7 System) Upgrade Project Team Update

The project upgrade continues during the summer months and recently wrapped up project readiness and training phase on June 30, 2014.  The test site walk through was scheduled with the vendor (PeopleAdmin) on July 30, 2014.

Focus groups were conducted during the last two weeks of July 2014.  Discussions were facilitated and feedback gathered to be analyzed and considered in the next phase of the project.

The project is moving into the planning and design phase.  In these two phases, the team leaders and support members will begin to work with PeopleAdmin’s consultant to map and conduct process exercises to examine every function impacted by EASY (PA 7 System).  The objective of this process is to improve the efficiency and usability of the system.

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New Updates to UPPS 04.04.18 Drug Testing for Non-Faculty Employees

The university policy and procedure statement for Drug Testing for Non-Faculty Employees has been updated.

This university policy and procedure statement ensures a safe and productive environment and complies with federal, state, and Texas State University System requirements regarding the use of alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, and any other performance-altering substances.

The major revisions are:

  • Clarification of the policy statement.
  • New definitions.
  • Shortened and more concise general provisions.
  • Testing procedures outlined in a separate supervisor’s guide.

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Job Abandonment 

Job abandonment can occur in one of the following ways: 1) an employee fails to report for duty on the first regular work day following a leave without pay (LWOP),  or 2) an employee is absent for three consecutive workdays without notifying his/her supervisor.  In either case the university will consider the employee to have abandoned his/her job and to have resigned from employment with the university.

Prior to processing a termination in situation #2 above, the supervisor will make a good faith effort to establish contact and/or ascertain the whereabouts of the employee before separating the employee. The account manager will send a certified letter notifying the employee of his/her job abandonment termination and the effective date.

For failure to return from LWOP, the termination date will be the last day of approved leave.  For all other situations the effective date of termination will be the last day worked.

Since job abandonment is considered a resignation, it is not processed as a disciplinary action. Job abandonment terminations may not be appealed through the complaint and grievance procedures in UPPS 04.04.41.

Human Resources will review the job abandonment termination letter. A draft letter can be found at: under disciplinary forms.

Please contact Employee Relations in Human Resources at 5-2557 with any questions.

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Professional Development
August Workshops

The following workshops will be coordinated through Professional Development during the month of August.  Please go to for further information.  Registration in the SAP Portal opens for each workshop three weeks prior to the workshop date and closes the week prior to the workshop date.

Jobs4Cats:  Effective Position Posting Techniques


Friday, Aug. 1, 2014


Hiring International Employees

Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014

The Hand from Beyond the Grave . . . Managing YOUR Digital Property in the Afterlife! NEW


Tuesday, Aug.12, 2014


Securing Confidential Information

Wed., Aug.13, 2014 or Thur. Aug. 14, 2014

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Employee Wellness Fair

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
10 am-3 pm, LBJSC Ballroom

Mark your calendars to attend the 7th Annual Employee Wellness Fair!  The event will consist of informational and interactive booths on a variety of health-related topics.  Flu shots will once again be offered free with an employee ID and United Healthcare card.  All employees are encouraged to attend and take advantage of the health screenings that will be offered.

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Employee of the Month -  Karla Pizana

Employee of the Month Pic

Karla Pizana, Grant Secretary, Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization Program (MSEC) was selected as the Texas State Employee of the Month for July 2014.

Karla became a full-time Grant Secretary for MSEC in November 2011 and is superb in this position. She handles all of the PhD files and is very organized with the paperwork required for each student. All of the PhD students and faculty enjoy working with her. She is very instrumental in coordinating the MSEC PhD Bootcamps that are usually held twice a year. The MSEC PhD Program holds weekly seminars in which outside speakers are brought in and Karla in the main interface between the faculty, speakers and students.

Karla is knowledgeable in purchasing and traveling procedures. She works closely with student workers and is very patient with each of them. Karla continues to increase her knowledge and work ethic by attending regular training. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills and doesn’t hesitate to help out when asked.

Karla is goal oriented and is always up for a challenge. She carries out her duties with patience, good attitude and takes on initiatives to make sure that the program runs smoothly. She continues to receive acknowledgement for her hard work from faculty, staff and students that testifies to her dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Congratulations, Karla, on a job well done and being recognized as the July 2014 Employee of the Month!


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Welcome New Employees
We would like to welcome the following employees hired between June 23, 2014 and
 July 21 2014

Eric A Martinez
Plumber I
Facilities Operations

Anthony M Crespino
Coordinator, Team Operations

Juliana Davis
Financial Aid and Scholarships Assistant
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Volodymyr Leshchuk
Plumber I
Facilities Operations

Michael S Wilson
Residence Hall Director
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Raquel A Franco
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Stephen A Deringer
Coordinator, Campus Recreation
Campus Recreation

Mohamad A Saab
Residence Hall Director
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Lucy Villanueva
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Barbara I Burns
Head Painter
Facilities Operations

Kathrine G Doran
Residence Hall Director
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Tyler T Melchiori
Plumber II
Utility Operations


Colleen E Cook
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

Stacy Pui-Sun Yue
Residence Hall Director
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Rebecca A Vaughan
Child Care Teacher
Child Development Center

Senna R Thornton-Barnett
Grant Specialist
Center for Archaeological Studies

Benjamin F Dillard II
Residence Hall Director
Department of Housing and Residential Life

Austin P Mellon
Police Officer
University Police


Paul G Aleman
University Police

Michelle F Read
Instructional Designer
Instructional Design Support

Damon C Grant Jr
Police Officer
University Police


Stephanie Rochelle Stoglin
Assistant Coach
Women’s Basketball

John D Moore III
User Services Consultant I
Client Services

Hillary A Lambert
Counseling Center

William J Frank
Graphic Designer
Educational Technologies Support

Cody M Long
Grant Specialist
Tx School Safety Center

Raechel R Friedman
Academic Advisor I
College of Applied Arts Academic Advising Center

Brittany S Munoz
Administrative Assistant II
Office of the University Registrar

Clara A Huebner
Business Manager, Facilities Management
Facilities Management


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 Focus on Employees
 We would like to recognize the following employees who were either promoted or reclassified between June 23, 2014 and July 21, 2014

James J Norton, promoted to Crew Supervisor, Electrical Distribution from Head Electrician, Utility Operations

Margaret A Yackel, promoted to Coordinator, Housing Camps and Conferences from Apartment Manager, Department of Housing and Residential Life

Adrian Castilleja, promoted to Supervisor, Grounds Operations from Head Grounds Maintenance Worker, Grounds Operations

Jonathan M Sculley, promoted to Financial Aid and Scholarships Assistant from Undergraduate Admissions Specialist, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Jaimie R Haider, promoted to Academic Advisor II from Student Development Specialist I, University College Advising Center

Edward A C Lamar, promoted to Student Development Specialist I from Academic Advisor I, PACE Advising Center

Derek A Hurtado, promoted to Recycling/Waste Management Worker II from Recycling/Waste Management Worker I, Grounds Operations

Elizabeth M Franklin, promoted to Financial Aid and Scholarships Counselor from Financial Aid and Scholarships Assistant, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Manuel Pantoja, promoted to Warehouse Worker from Custodian, Materials Management and Logistics

Diana T Connell, reclassified to Coordinator, University Registrar from Supervisor, Student Records, Office of the University Registrar

Leslie J Burgess, reclassified to User Services Consultant II from User Services Consultant I, Client Services

Lisa A Allen, reclassified to Associate Director, Student Business Services from Assistant Director, Student Business Services, Student Business Services and Bursars

Dwayne B Sander, reclassified to Grant Coordinator from Grant Specialist, ALERRT

Alexander M Stamatis, reclassified to Coordinator, University Registrar from Veterans Certification Assistant, Office of the University Registrar

Cathy E Parker, reclassified to Coordinator, University Registrar from Student Records Assistant, Office of the University Registrar

Joshua Z Book, reclassified to Assistant Director, Distance and Extended Learning from Communications Technician, Office of Distance and Extended Learning

Carolyn Bettelheim, reclassified to Systems Support Specialist from Administrative Assistant II, Office of Distance and Extended Learning

Susan M Rolls, reclassified to Student Development Specialist II from Program Specialist, University Seminar

Lisa M Martinez, reclassified to Coordinator, Housing Facilities Services from Apartment Manager, Department of Housing and Residential Life

Travis A Caffey, reclassified to Systems Support Specialist I from Coordinator, Testing Lab, Testing, Research-Support

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Ask Human Resources


Question:  I purchased three years of service with TRS, but my vacation accrual rate hasn’t changed yet. How does this get updated?

Answer:   It doesn’t. You may be able to purchase special service credit with TRS for retirement credit purposes, but it is not the same as state service credit for vacation accrual purposes. An example would be purchasing withdrawn service from a school district…this qualifies for TRS retirement, but is not considered state service for vacation accrual or state longevity pay. School districts and community colleges are local government employers, not state employment.

Question:  We posted a salaried staff position and received approval to hire a current salaried employee. The selected individual will be transferring with the same job title. What type of PCR do I do?

Answer:  This would be defined as a lateral transfer for the employee; therefore the type of PCR would be a Change in Position using the reason of Lateral Move.  

Question:   I need to hire a NSNR hourly staff employee. The University Pay Plan indicates a monthly salary, not hourly. How do I calculate the hourly rate instead of a monthly rate?

Answer:  Use the following formula to determine the hourly rate:

  1. Multiply the monthly salary x 12 to determine an annual amount
  2. Divide the annual amount by 2080 hours to equal the hourly rate.

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Ask Human Resources

Compensation/Employee Relations:

Questions:  If I score a 301 or more on my performance appraisal, do I automatically receive a 3% merit this year?

Answer:  No, it is up to the departmental chain of command to approve a merit increase. Some employees will get more than 3% and some will get less.     

Question:  I have an NSNR employee working for me. Are they required to complete the online ethics and compliance course?

Answer:  Yes. At this time all employees are required to complete the online Ethics and Compliance course.

Question:  I completed the Ethics and Compliance course online. Why do I still receive the email reminder?


In order to receive full credit for the course, you need to “confirm participation” by following these steps:

  1. Logon onto the SAP Portal (
  2. Click on the Training and Development tab.
  3. Click on “Training Activities” under “My Learner Account”.
  4. Click ONCE on the “Ethics and Compliance” course to open it.

All the information on the class will be displayed.  Everything should show 100% and Completion Status should show “This course was passed successfully, but it has not been set to Confirmed”.   In the next section under the Learning Progress section is a section called “Confirm Participation”.  Click on the blue words “Confirm Participation”.  Answer OK. You will receive message in the top section:  “Your participation in this course has been completed”.  You can click on the Qualifications Profile to see the expiration date of the certificate.


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Ask Human Resources


Question:  What is the purpose of required qualifications for a posted position?

Answer:  The required qualifications for a posted position means that an applicant must possess the basic required qualifications to be considered a candidate for the position.  The required qualifications for a position must be a non-comparative feature of a job seeker, objective, and relevant to the performance of the posted position.  The Department of Labor and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program may conduct an audit that includes a review of required qualifications to determine if an organization complies with non-discrimination in the recruitment, hiring, and other employment practices.   

Question:  Are federal laws, state laws, and codes applicable to a hiring manager?

Answer:  Yes.  If you are not aware of the federal and state laws, along with codes that apply to the recruitment and hiring practices, please contact Human Resources for more information.

Question:  Is there an interview questions bank?

Answer:  Yes.  The College University Professional Association Human Resources (CUPA-HR) Interview Guide has sample interview questions in Appendix C.  The link is as follows:

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Ask Human Resources

Professional Development:

Question:  Can employees receive CEU credit for instruction that is handled within another office?

Answer:  Professional Development coordinates many workshops for Texas State employees.  Occasionally an office conducts its own training and wants to give the participants credit.  This is possible through the "Course Management Through SAP" option outlined at

Requests for Course Management in SAP must be submitted to Professional Development at least one month prior to the anticipated course date.  Once approved, the following steps will occur:

  • The SAP system will list the course in Training and Development for registration.
  • The registrants will receive correspondence similar to any Professional Development or ITAC workshop (confirmation, cancellation, course change, course reminder, and course attendance confirmation).
  • The training organizer will receive a participant list and an attendance report.
  • Upon completion of the training, participants will see documentation of their attendance in the SAP Portal under My Learner Account—Training Activities—Completed Courses.
  • If the training requires documentation of a certification, the expiration date for that training will be listed under Qualifications Profile—My Qualifications in the Portal just as the EEO and Ethics Compliance certifications are listed.

Question:  What if I cannot log into the SAP Portal?

Answer:  You will need to contact ITAC (245-4822).  ITAC will be able to determine if you are using an SAP compatible web-browser and/or if your SAP Password needs to be reset.

Question:  When will we know what workshops will be offered this fall?

Answer:  Program planning is underway for the fall.  You will be notified about the link for the total listing of workshops in the Fall Preview by the time fall classes begin.

Question:  Does Professional Development have a record of the workshops I have attended?

Answer:  You will receive an email certification for each workshop you attend.  Also, the SAP Portal tracks all workshops as verification of your attendance if needed for your annual performance appraisal. Once you log in, click on Training Activities to view or print completed courses.

Question:  When is New Employee Orientation II (NEO II)?  Is attendance mandatory?  What if I can’t attend the first month of my employment?

Answer:  NEO II is held the second Friday of each month from 8 am-12 noon in JCK 460.  Attendance is mandatory for all benefits-eligible employees (employed 50% or more) hired during the previous four weeks.  Provisions can be made for attendance at a later NEO after your employment; however, your vice president and supervisor will still receive notification from the Director of Equity and Access, noting your absence and emphasizing the need for your attendance at the next session.

For questions, please call Professional Development at 5-7899.

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