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HR Master Data Center

Who Are We

The HR MDC is a centralized service center responsible for processing staff and student employee appointments, managing the University’s organizational structure, and improving communication with the campus on SAP system operational requirements.

Where We Are Located

We are located in the J. C. Kellam Building, Suite 314. Due to the nature of the work performed in the HR MDC, visitors are asked to first visit the Human Resources Office located in JCK, Suite 340.

HR MDC Staff

Staffed By

PCR, Organizational Management and Time Administrator Training

Classes and Registration

Introduction to Understanding Organizational Management and PCR Processing in SAP
Understanding Organizational Management in SAP - Managing Positions
Understanding Staff PCR Appointments in SAP
Understanding Student PCR Appointments in SAP
Understanding the Electronic PCR Process
Master Data Center Training

Additional Online Training

Understanding INFOTYPES in PA20- Training Presentation
• ZELST - Employee List - List of Employees within organizational unit
• Completion of ZHRPEOPLESEARCH and Request for NetID
• Basic Navigation for Use with SAP Reports
ZNOTIME - Employees With No Time Entry Report   
• ZHRTRAINRPT - Training & Development Activities and Required Certification & Training report for supervisors
Self-Reporting of Relatives for Employees
Relatives Reported by Employees for Department Heads (ZNEP_DEPT)

Related Links

Staff PCR Processing

Salaried PCR Deadlines FY17
Salaried PCR Deadlines FY16
Payroll and PCR Deadline Schedules
Top Nine PCR Problems – What to Avoid
HR Policies
SAP Info type Options and Explanation
Steps to Follow to Hire a NSNR Temporary Employee
Hourly Non-student Non-regular Staff Support Documents (used in addition to PCR and if paying hourly wage)
Staff Task Worker Support Documents (used in addition to PCR and if paying lump sum payment)
Tracking the Hours Worked by a Non Student Non Regular Hourly Employee
• Hourly Non-student Non-regular Staff Termination Checklist   
Transfer to Another Department Checklist 

Student PCR Processing 

Student PCR Deadlines for FY2017
Student PCR Deadlines for FY 2016
Student Employment Policy
Student Worker Hiring Documents (used in addition to PCR)
Graduate Student New Hire Packet (used in addition to PCR)
Graduate Assistant Eligibility Checklist for Processing PCRs
Hourly Student Worker Termination Checklist
Tracking Student Hours Worked Per Week Report

Organizational Management

Form to Request New/Reassign All or Part of an Organization within SAP HR

Checklist to Request New/Reassign All of Part of an Organization within SAP HR
Supervisor Change Request
New Position Data Form 
Human Resources – Departmental Services Security Authorization Form
PPOSE: Step-by-step instructions allowing the user to see organization and staffing display (pdf)
PPSS: Step-by-step instructions allowing the user to review reporting relationships (pdf)
PO13D – Display Position

Methods to View Training Indicators on Positions