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Hiring A NSNR Temporary Employee

Hiring a NSNR (non student, non regular) Employee

  • determine job duties
  • select a job title from the University Pay Plan
  • The employee must be compensated at an hourly rate within the designated pay range for the selected job title.

Contact Jeff Lund at for assistance determining the correct job title. Provide a list of job duties the NSNR employee will be performing. 

Create a NPDF (New Position Data Form) if the department does not have a vacant hourly position currently available. The form can be found here. Send the completed form to Please allow a one to two day turnaround.

A background check will also need to be performed on the person selected for hire by the department. Please fill out the "DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification" form located at  Contact Bobbie Brandenburg at if you have any problems or questions concerning this form.

Once the position is set up and the background check is completed, a Personnel Change Request (PCR) should be generated by the hiring department and routed along with the NSNR support documents for department approval and processing by the HR Master Data Center. The NSNR support documents can be found on the Human Resources website under New Hire Forms - NSNR Staff Support Documents. The direct link is

temporary employee powerpoint is also available to help with the hiring process