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Organizational Management in SAP - Managing Positions

This workshop is intended to provide administrative support participants hands-on experience with a detailed understanding of their organizational structure. Upon completing this workshop, participants will know 1) basic objects in an organization plan 2) a position must exist in SAP before an action can be initiated 3) where information in SAP at the position level comes from 4) transaction to identify all of the positions in their organization and the employees assigned to the positions 5) which positions are vacant, which positions are filled, who is a department head 6) identify position numbers and personnel assignment numbers 7) transaction to identify reporting relationships (i.e., which position report to which positions) 8) department’s responsibility for informing Human Resources of position changes. This class is presented by Teresa Duggins and covers a period of 1.5 hours.


Powerpoint Presentation
Understanding Organizational Management in SAP - Managing Positions