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ZNOTIME SAP Transaction

SAP Transaction – ZNOTIME

The ZNOTIME report is available to our department users to help track employee time entry in SAP.  The purpose of this report is to help you identify which employees have not made any time entries during a specified period of time.  This can be useful especially for salaried employees who only make time entries to report exceptions to their normal work schedule or to determine whether your hourly employee appointments should still be in an active status.

Transaction: ZNOTIME
Selection screen options:

Begin Date/End Date – you must enter your desired date range.  Keep in mind that a single entry by an employee during this period will prevent them from being included on the report.  Therefore, a shorter period of time would be best.

The following are optional to help you narrow your selection:

Personnel Area – division
Personnel Subarea – part time/full time benefits eligibility
Employee Group – faculty, staff, student
Employee Subgroup – exempt, non-exempt, 9/12 month, hourly, etc.
Org Unit – department
Time Admin – time administrator code assigned to a group of employees (usually a department)
Payroll Area – monthly (salaried) or semi-monthly (hourly)
Personnel Number – the assignment number for individual employees.  Supervisors may want to create a variant to narrow the selection to only those employees they are responsible for approving timesheets.


znotime screen shot

You should still use ZUTIME and/or CATS_DA to check for time entered but not released to the supervisor for approval and rejected time that needs to be corrected.  Details on these transactions are available from your Departmental Time Administrator.