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FY2018 Salaried PCR Deadlines

FY2018 Salaried PCR Deadlines

The FY2018 PCR deadlines for salaried faculty and staff payrolls are reflected below. Please print and post a copy of this information for the appropriate personnel in your office.

The PCR due dates to Office of Sponsored Programs/Graduate College/Faculty Records/Human Resources for the regular and supplemental cycle are as follows:

Regular Payroll

8th of the month

Supplemental Payroll

22nd of the month

November Supplemental **

15th of the month

December Regular Payroll **

1st of the month

December Supplemental **

10th of the month

March Regular Payroll **

2nd of the month


Should the 8th or 22nd fall on a weekend or holiday, the PCRs will be due the FOLLOWING business day.

** PLEASE NOTE the exception to normal due dates