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Performance Management Training is now underway. Learn more about the available open labs below.

Performance Management Assessment Open Labs

The second round of Performance Management training consists solely of open labs: hands-on training sessions that focus solely on helping you work on the performance review process using the live online system in real-time, rather than in a testing environment.

What you will learn:

You will learn how to assess employees; self-assess, and; send the assessment to second level managers for approval and final signatures. Questions on how to conduct 1:1 meetings will also be answered. 

Training schedule:

New dates are available for May. Please view the training calendar below to select the date and time that works best for you. You can sign-up through the SAP Portal.

Video tutorials regarding how to conduct performance assessments are coming soon.

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What if I already registered before April?

Thank you to those who have already registered. You should have received a personalized e-mail with further instructions on how to re-register for Performance Management Assessment Open Labs. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Is training still required?

Attendance is now recommended, rather than required, due to the adjustment in schedule.

Where can I access more information?

Step-by-step instructional information regarding how to complete performance reviews will be added on this site in the upcoming weeks. These resources will provide you with enough information to help you complete this step in the performance management process. 

Spring Training Calendar

Training by room for April

JCK 623

April 4: 10a.m.-12p.m.& 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 7: 10a.m.-12p.m.& 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 11: 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 13: 10a.m.-12p.m.

April 14: 10a.m.-12p.m.

April 18: 10a.m.-12p.m.& 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 21: 10a.m.-12p.m.& 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 25: 10a.m.-12p.m.& 2p.m.-4p.m.

ASBS 203

April 3: 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 6: 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 10: 10a.m.-12p.m.& 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 13: 2p.m.-4p.m.

April 24: 2p.m.-4p.m.

Training by room for May

JCK 623

May 1: 10a.m.-12p.m

May 4: 2p.m. - 4p.m

May 19: 2p.m. - 4p.m

ASBS 203

May 3: 2p.m.-4p.m.

Training Materials

The following training materials focus on introducing what the new performance management process is about, what the new tools are and how they work, and why Texas State requires annual performance reviews.

Training materials on completing the performance review process will be available soon.

                                   PowerPoint for Managers

                                    PowerPoint for Employees


Online Video Tutorials