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Workshop Proposal Information

Staff and faculty of Texas State University are welcome to submit proposals for workshop presentations from this site or by contacting Professional Development at 512.245.7899.  Proposals for workshops during the following semesters should be submitted by the appropriate dates on the Workshop Proposal Form:

Summer: May 1

Fall: June 1

Spring: November 1

For any workshop coordinated by Professional Development, the following actions will be taken:

1. listing in Semester Preview
2. flyer announcing workshop posted in JCK 460 (3 weeks prior to workshop)
3. email notification to all faculty and staff (3 weeks prior to workshop)
4. duplication of handouts, including Powerpoint presentations
5. refreshments: Morning refreshments may include coffee, tea, juice, and pastries. Afternoon refreshments may include cookies and sodas. Variations will be made for workshops of 1 1/2 hours or less or for all-day workshops.
6. presentation equipment--standard campus media cabinet
7. registration of participants, including the following:
  • participant list to presenter
  • registration confirmation to participants
  • name tags and name plates at workshop (in JCK 460 and 1100.)
  • confirmation of participant attendance in SAP Portal
8. evaluation summary--sent to presenter within one month of workshop presentation 

The workshop presenter will be responsible for:

  • Submission of workshop synopsis for advertising one month prior to workshop.
  • Forwarding of handouts and/or Powerpoint presentation two weeks prior to workshop.
  • Arrangements made in advance for audio/visual equipment training from Professional Development, 245-7899. Contact Instructional Technologies Support (245-2319) for any additional needs.