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Get Fit, Stay Fit!

WellCats is the official Texas State wellness program, which draws on the wealth of expertise within our Bobcat campus community to offer various services and resources to help you improve your well-being.

Membership includes access to free fitness classes, monthly Lunch & Learn's, healthy recipes, health behavior change coaching, weekly newsletters, and more! 

Visit the official website and Facebook community to learn more.

WellCats Services

WellCats Schedule and Registration

Summer 2017: May 30 - August 25

Access dates and times involving Lunch n' Learn sessions, behavior change coaching, cooking classes and physical activity classes.

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Things to keep in mind:


  1. Register online. (Registration is complete when a confirmation number appears.)
  2. Submit a Health Risk Appraisal and General Release/Waiver to Carolyn (Clay) Swearingen, Department of HHP. (Documents available here.)

Wellness Policy

Learn about the objective of the wellness program and procedures for participation in the official Wellness Policy (04.04.32)

Wellness Time

With supervisor approval, employees are eligible for up to 30 minutes per day of paid release time to attend wellness activities. Workshops coordinated through Professional Development are counted as work time. See the Wellness Policy for details.

Tracking Attendance

Always sign-in at your classes or sessions. Accurate attendance records are very important in helping us build a case for the continuation of the wellness program.

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WellCats services are provided by:

Total Wellness, Department of Health and Human Performance

Department of Physical Therapy

Nutrition and Foods, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Worklife, Human Resources

Campus Recreation