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Organizational Management

Organizational management provides a real-time view of organizational structure; history of the structure as it evolves; ability to store reporting structure on a position level; and the ability to store security on a position level.

Changes in reporting relationships are created when an employee changes supervisors. In order to maintain accurate history and reporting, completion of the Supervisor Change Request form is necessary.  Upon completion, email the form to for processing.

To request a new Organizational Unit in SAP or to reassign all or part of an Organizational Unit,
completion of the New or Reorganization Change Request Form is necessary.  Go here for the checklist and form.

To request security roles for your administrative support staff, complete the Human Resources – Departmental Services Security Authorization Form.

Prior to completion of the PCR to hire an employee to fill a new position, the hiring department is required to complete the New Position Data Form.  If posting to fill a new salaried staff position, this form is completed and attached to the Position Requisition. If hiring to fill a new hourly NSNR staff position or an hourly student worker position, the form is routed to the HR MDC by emailing

Organizational Management training class schedules can be found here.