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Remote Work/Telecommuting Request Form

  • Log on to SAP.
  • Use this User Guide to help you navigate completion of this form.
  • Complete and submit the forms most appropriate for your situation
    • Remote Work – occasional or short-term (up to 30 consecutive calendar days) performance of normal work duties at a location away from the employee’s regular work location, most often the employee’s home. (A formal agreement with your supervisor is required.)
    • Telecommuting  – long-term performance of some or all of the duties assigned to an employee conducted at an approved non-university worksite. (A formal agreement with vice presidential approval is required.)
  • Once completed, the form will automatically route to your supervisor (supervisors can use this Supervisor's User Guide to approve or deny requests). You may also print a copy of your form, if you choose.

New SAP Reporting Function

Track Remote Working Agreements and Telecommuting Agreements in SAP.

  • SAP transaction is ZRWT3

Available to those with security role of supervisor and department head.