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Timekeeping Procedures for Good Friday

On Good Friday, full and part-time benefits eligible employees may take release time from work starting at 12 p.m. on Friday, April 2, 2021. 

As a regular class day for the University, all offices must remain open with skeleton crews until normal closing hours. Faculty will conduct classes as scheduled Friday and Saturday on both San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. 



General Guidelines

Leave eligibility:

  • Regular full-time staff employees will receive four hours of paid leave regardless of work shift or normal days off.
  • Regular part-time staff employees will receive an amount proportionate to their FTE. 
  • Non-regular staff and student employees are not eligible to receive this additional paid leave time.


A half-day holiday has been added to each eligible employee's time record. Therefore, there is no need to mark a specific time code to account for the time off taken during Good Friday. Eligible full-time employees who:

  • work the full day = enter 4 hrs of additional hrs worked
  • take off half day = no entry needed
  • take off the full day = enter 4 hrs of leave time as approved by their supervisor, such as vacation, state comp time, etc.

Skeleton crews:

  • Staff employees who serve as the skeleton crew may be permitted to take equivalent compensatory time off within 12 months.



If you have questions please contact the Office of Human Resources at 5.2557 or for additional clarification.