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Functional Title Guidelines

The following are criteria for using a functional title.

  • Cannot use a current pay plan title (except the current approved title for the position)
  • Functional title must be consistent with any classification rules currently in place or developed in the future
  • Must meet a general reasonableness test
  • Cannot use a functional title in attempt to change the ORP status of a position
  • Cannot use a director, manager or other supervisory/management title if it indicates a higher organizational level than actually held.
  • Functional titles must be consistent with the nature of the work being performed
  • Functional titles cannot imply any degree, license, or credential that the incumbent does not possess, e.g., doctor, engineer, psychologist, etc.
  • Cannot contain a term that signifies managerial responsibility for the institution such as executive, president, chairwoman/man, senior official, etc., unless approved by the President.