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Grant Titles

The titles below denote positions funded externally through grant accounts.

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  • Job Code Job code for the title
    Job Title Official university classification title
    Pay Grade Relative value of the position in the pay plan
    Min/Mid/Max Pay plan minimum, range midpoint, or maximum rate
    FLSA Identifies if title is Exempt (E) and not eligible for overtime or Non-Exempt (N) and is eligible for overtime
    ORP Indicates if title is eligible for State of Texas Optional Retirement Program
    EEO Job category per federal statute

Click on the job title to view job specification for that title. The job specification identifies examples of duties that may be assigned to a title and is not a position specific job description.

The minimum, midpoint and maximum of each pay range represent the minimum, midpoint and maximum values, respectively, to the University of all jobs assigned to that particular pay grade.

Job Code Job Title Pay Grade Min Mid Max FLSA ORP EEO
7217 Grant Clerk 8 $1,545.00 $2,044.00 $2,543.00 N No D
1495 Grant Coordinator 13 $2,042.00     E No C
1496 Grant Director, Non-Faculty 15 $2,348.00     E No C
7218 Grant Secretary 13 $2,042.00 $2,703.00 $3,363.00 N No D
50011988 Grant Senior Coordinator 14 $2,190.00     E No C
7219 Grant Senior Secretary 15 $2,348.00 $3,108.00 $3,867.00 N No D
7244 Grant Special Events Wkr 5 $1,257.00 $1,660.00 $2,063.00 N No G
1494 Grant Specialist 12 $1,972.00     E No C
50014977 Grant Technician I 5 $1,257.00 $1,660.00 $2,063.00 N No E
7221 Grant Technician II 12 $1,972.00 $2,610.00 $3,248.00 N No E