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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and formal process where a neutral third party helps disputing parties manage their conflict through dialogue in a controlled environment.

Mediation can be requested by disputing parties (if both are in agreement), or managers. The process is coordinated by the ER area at no cost to parties.

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The mediation process:

  • is formal and follows a specific format; 
  • is moderated by a neutral outside third party or an ER representative when appropriate; 
  • offers both joint sessions and the opportunity to caucus;
  • aims to help generate ideas only proposed by parties;
  • ends with mutual resolution determined by the parties.

Mediation is appropriate in the following cases:

  • behavioral conflicts;
  • cultural conflicts;
  • interpersonal conflicts;
  • leadership conflicts;
  • personality conflicts;
  • work-style conflicts.