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Workplace Investigations

When an alleged serious transgression is reported by a manager, the ER team will analyze the merits of the claim by conducting a thorough workplace investigation. 

An ER representative may either lead the investigation and/or refer the case to either the Office of Equity and Inclusion in the case of sexual harassment or a discrimination complaint.

If you are a manager and have questions regarding workplace investigations, call 5.2557.

The investigator may:

  • gather and review all documentation and/or evidence;
  • schedule interviews with the parties involved;
  • evaluate all the facts objectively;
  • write a report which includes recommended options to resolve the issue based on objective facts.

Common workplace investigations include:

  • behavioral conflict;
  • grievances;
  • harassment;
  • interpersonal conflict;
  • safety;
  • reasonable suspicion;
  • retaliation;
  • theft.