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Exit Survey

Separating Employee Exit Survey

Texas State University is committed to fostering a healthy work life for all employees. The following exit survey was created to help identify why employees leave Texas State and how the University can improve with retention efforts. As a separating employee, you are a valuable source of information regarding our environment and culture. Your exit survey responses will guide us in knowing where we succeed and where we may need improvements.

We encourage you to be candid in your survey responses so that we may gain honest insight into your unique experience as a Bobcat employee. If you prefer, you may wait to complete the survey when you are no longer employed. Please know that your responses and comments can remain anonymous if you desire. The survey data will be reported in aggregate form and the survey information will not be used in your personnel file. 

If you have additional comments or were not able to fully express yourself after you complete the online survey, the last survey question allows you to request a meeting to continue your discussion with the appropriate University representative. If you prefer to reach out to a representative yourself, their phone numbers will also be listed on the last survey question.

Texas State University appreciates that you chose to work with our Bobcat community. We wish you much success in your future endeavors!