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SF Learning User Guide | Access Course Certificates

SuccessFactors (SF) Learning Access Course Certificate User Guide cover
Access Course Certificates

This SF Learning User Guide will cover how to:

  • Access certificates after course completion
  • View & Print course certificates
  • Access an overview of your specific learning journey
  • Access your list of completed courses

Download the Access Course Certificates User Guide or review the accessible version below.

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  • How to access certificates after course completion

    After completing a course in SF Learning you will exit the module and view the 'Online Content Structure' page.

    • On this page, click 'Return to Content Structure.'
    • After clicking 'Return to Content Structure' navigate to your course details where you will be given the option to print your certificate.

    *Note: Course certificates are not automatically emailed once the course is completed.

  • How to view and print course certificates

    After clicking "Print Certificate," navigate to the new tab where a PDF copy of your certificate will be available for print.
    Your course certificate will include:

    • Your name
    • Course title
    • Date of completion
    • Signature from leadership
  • How to access an overview of your specific learning journey

    On the "My Learning" dashboard you will find an overview of your specific learning journey.

    • The 'History' tile will provide quick access to your learning history information.
    • Click "View All" to view the 'Completed Work' page.

    *Note: Your 'My Learning Dashboard' will be tailored to your specific role and learning journey.

  • How to access your list of completed courses

    After clicking "View All," navigate to the 'Completed Work' page.

    This page provides access to:

    • Past courses completed
    • Time & Date of completion
    • Print course certificate(s)
    • Review past course content

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