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Finding our new normal: Navigating the transition back to campus

As we prepare for our return back to campuses while continuing to navigate through pandemic-life, there are many personal and professional challenges that have changed or are continuing to evolve. The following are resources to help support you through our transition back to campus.

Adapting to the new normal

LinkedIn Learning Videos

kelly ruda linkedin learning
What's next: Reimagine the new world of work
female facilitator Britt Andreatta, PhD
Managing Uncertainty During COVID-19
dorie clark linkedin learning
Being adaptable during change
kevin eickenberry and kelly ruda linkedin learning
Managing flexibly

LinkedIn Learning Videos

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

joan rosenberg linkedin learning
Dealing with grief, loss, and change as an employee
heidi hanna linkedin learning
How to manage feeling overwhelmed
srini pillay linkedin learning
Managing anxiety in the workplace

Team Engagement for Hybrid Environments

dave crenshaw linkedin learning
Building relationships while working from home
simon sinek linkedin learning
Leading virtually when working from home
zoom meeting screen with participants
Zoom: Leading effective and engaging meetings