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Problem Solving

Problem Solving - Skilled at finding logical flaws in arguments and plans; identifies problems and solutions that others might miss; provides detailed insight and constructive criticism into problems and complex situations.

Online Courses and Videos

The below courses are available on LinkedIn Learning. Log in with your NetID and password to access your account. You can also find learning paths and curated playlists about problem solving for individuals, managers and executives.  

creative thinking video screenshot
Creative Thinking
critical thinking video screenshot
Critical Thinking
problem solving techniques video screenshot
Problem Solving Techniques


Read through industry articles that can help you understand and apply the most effective techniques to problem solving.

hand holding rubik's cube
3 Ways to Strengthen Your Problem-Solving Muscle
six people sitting in meeting room talking
Finding Innovative Solutions to Challenges
woman and man sitting outside with laptop talking
9 Ways to Give Constructive Criticism that are Helpful

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