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Professional Knowledge

Professional Knowledge – Keeps his/her skills current; effectively applies specialized knowledge and skills to perform work tasks; understands and masters the technical skills, knowledge, and tasks associated with his/her job; shares technical expertise with others.

Professional knowledge varies with regard to job duties. Employees are encouraged to enhance their professional knowledge by seeking out learning opportunities offered by Texas State. Several on-campus offices offer specific training related to Texas State software and procedures. Below are two primary learning resources available to employees seeking to improve their professional knowledge and skills. logo
LinkedIn Learning

As Texas State employees, all staff and faculty have access to LinkedIn Learning online training.  This resource offers video-based courses to enhance your skills and knowledge on various topics. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning Online Training and logging in on the DOIT Services website.

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Course Offerings through Organizational Development & Communications

Browse a full listing of course offerings available through Human Resources. Course offerings are intended to enhance your competencies and professional knowledge.

If you are interested in learning about a particular topics please contact Organizational Development & Communications.