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About Performance Management

"One of the most tried-and-true forms of of management is feedback." ~ Dr. Christopher Lee

Texas State took giant steps to enhance the way your performance is valued, highlighting continuous feedback as a key component of effective management. 

The new Performance Management process not only encourages ongoing feedback, it provides the opportunity  to set and achieve both professional and personal goals. The process also helps Bobcat staff know how their role supports and contributes to the University's goals.

About the change: moving from a paper-based appraisal system to a comprehensive online process.

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New features

  • The software

  • Performance criteria

  • Assessment values for:

Benefits of Performance Management

Investing in a comprehensive performance management program has significant benefits. Enhancing communication between employees and supervisors can increase role clarity regarding current performance, future expectations, and can help ensure each Bobcat staff understands how they fit into Texas State.