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Performance Management Planning

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Performance Review

How to navigate through the following potential scenarios?

  • Once the employee and rating supervisor electronically acknowledge the performance review, the process is final and only the appeal process can alter it.

  • Should an employee refuse to sign and acknowledge the performance review, the rating supervisor should make an annotation on the employee performance review before submitting.

  • A detailed explanation of the appeal process can be found within UPPS No. 04.04.20

    The employee may, within 10 working days of receipt of the final copy of the performance review, appeal the results to the department director if he or she disagrees with the review.

    If the supervisor is the department director, the employee may appeal to one level above the department director. If the supervisor is the divisional vice president, the employee can only appeal to the divisional vice president.

    Employees must make appeals by confidential memo, with a copy of the performance review, to the department director or department director’s supervisor, as appropriate, who will render a decision within five working days. (If the appeal is sent to the level above the department director, a copy of the appeal should be provided to the department director.)

    The recipient of an appeal is the only person authorized to alter a finalized performance review and his or her decision is final. The department director or department director’s supervisor will provide Human Resources with the appeal, any attachments, and his or her final decision for inclusion in the personnel file.

  • Goals will inevitably fluctuate throughout the year. Some goals are ongoing while others may end on a certain date. These changes should be recorded in the Goal plan to reflect current goal status.

    Conversations should be held with all parties involved.

  • If job duties change throughout the year then managers should update the job analysis form, make a note in the performance management system, review or update duties in the mid-cycle review or as changes occur.

  • Employee performance is now subjective and merit eligibility is no longer determined by a rating system. If the manager has established expectations with the employee during the performance planning process, but the employees are not meeting those set expectations, then they can choose from two options: (1) a 1:1 informal meeting to review the expectations set in the performance plan; (2) complete a Performance Improvement Plan.

  • Managers can use the feedback feature to request feedback for employees who have: worked on committees, worked on projects with different staff members and have assisted other staff/departments with other duties as assigned.

    Also, managers can ask for feedback when employees have transferred from another department. For example, if a manager has only been supervising an employee for 2-3 months it could be helpful to ask others in the organization to provide some feedback/comments on the employee’s performance.

    This feedback is only visible to the manager requesting feedback and the user providing that feedback.

  • All organizational information reflected in the Performance Management software is pulled from SAP. As such, if information is misrepresenting your current structure and reporting relationships under the My Team tile in the software, changes need to be made in SAP. Please fill out this form and send to Katie Bonner in Human Resources at Any changes made in SAP will automatically update in the software.

  • Any faculty member that has staff reporting directly to them will have access to the software. For example, Deans will see the Chairs/Directors in the college as part of their team because they have staff reporting to them. Chairs/Directors will see faculty as part of their team if they have staff reporting to them.

    If you find a faculty member that does not supervise staff, please e-mail Elizabeth Mello.

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