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The Cycle

The performance management process is a cycle that has three key phases:

  1. Performance plan;
  2. Mid-cycle review, and;
  3. Performance review.

Explore more details below regarding each phase and the steps involved to complete them. The infographic on the right provides a brief overview of the complete performance management cycle and the three phases involved.

For information on how to complete each phase, please reference the Tools and Resources site.

the performance cycle infographic
The Performance Management Cycle

Phases of the performance management cycle

The performance management cycle starts June 1 and ends May 31. Within the cycle are three phases that must be accomplished. 

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  • The Performance Plan involves creating a performance "road map" for the year.

    1. The supervisor creates the plan online by either adding or cascading goals, adding job duties, work environment, physical demands and professional development goals, if applicable. Once complete, the supervisor electronically sends the plan to employee(s) for review. 
    2. Employee(s) review their plan and note any questions. Employee(s) electronically send the plan back to their supervisor for the 1:1 meeting.
    3. Both supervisor and employee meet 1:1 to discuss the plan and clarify expectations and questions.
    4. The supervisor ends the performance plan process after the 1:1 in the software by clicking the "send to completion" button.

    All performance plans must be complete by July 31.

  • The Mid-cycle Review is an informal 1:1 meeting between supervisor and employee to discuss the performance plan previously established. During the mid-cycle review, teams informally assess whether expectations are being met and if any readjustments need to be made.  

    • Adjustments to goals may occur, where appropriate.
    • Conversations may be documented, if desired. 
    • Supervisor and employees should acknowledge successes and note opportunities for improvement.

    Mid-cycle reviews occur between October and November. 

  • The Performance Review is the process in which both supervisor and employee formally assess performance and meet 1:1 to discuss the overall performance of the year, according to the expectations set in the plan and any adjustments made during the mid-cycle review.

    1. Employee self-assesses online.
    2. Supervisor assesses employee online.
    3. Both supervisor and employee meet 1:1.
    4. Acknowledgements from the employee and employee supervisor.  

    All performance reviews should be complete by May 31.

What are my responsibilities as a supervisor and/or employee?

    • read your Performance Plan and understand the goals, duties, competencies, behaviors, and professional development goals assigned to you;
    • understand your supervisor's expectations and ask clarifying questions;
    • be prepared for performance conversations;
    • use the Notes feature in the new software to keep track of times when you made an extra effort and had a positive impact. Be prepared to receive constructive feedback;
    • use the Badges feature in the software to provide positive feedback to others;
    • participate in the Mid-cycle Review;
    • self-assess during the Performance Review period.
    • create the Performance Plan to include goals, job duties, work environment and physical demands for your direct reports. Note the competencies and behaviors; 
    • communicate expectations clearly and offer clarification when approached by your team; 
    • be prepared for performance conversations;
    • use the Notes feature in the software to track accomplishments of your team and provide constructive examples for improvements;
    • use the Badges feature to provide positive feedback to others;
    • assess employee(s) during the Performance Review period.