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  • Reporting non-compliance is the responsibility of everyone at Texas State, whether it concerns them, a co-worker or fellow student, or someone they have never met.  The university has many ways to report questionable activity and individuals may use the method they are the most comfortable with.

    • The fastest and most efficient way to resolve an issue is to take it directly to the supervisor or manager closest to the problem.
    • But, for whatever reason someone is unable to report it in person, there are hotlines.

    The university will make every effort to keep identities anonymous.  Additionally, both the state and federal government have “Whistleblower” laws, designed to protect individuals who come forward to report non-compliance. These laws prohibit negative job actions because of whistleblowing actions. Reporting non-compliance helps to make Texas State a better place to work, study, and live.

  • Toll free hotlines:


    • Phone: 512.245.1707 (leave voice mail)

    State of Texas Auditor's Office:

    Human Resources:

JCK 460 Reservations

  • You may reserve JCK 460 by calling the office to check for room availability.  You will then be asked to fill out the Room Reservation form on the website.   Room use is free, but offices using the space are responsible for any charges incurred as a result of damage to furniture or equipment.

Orientation: New Employee Welcome (NEW)

  • NEW II is held the second Friday of each month from 8 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. in the Endzone Complex (time and location subject to change due to University events scheduling)

  • Attendance is mandatory for all benefits-eligible staff employees (employed 50% or more) hired during the previous four weeks.

  • Provisions can be made for attendance at a later NEW II after your employment; however, your vice president and supervisor will still receive notification from the Director of Equity and Access, noting your absence and emphasizing the need for your attendance at the next session.

  • The mandatory annual New Faculty Orientation is held in August and January, just prior to the beginning of each semester. This orientation is coordinated by Faculty and Academic Resources.

Professional Development Advisory Council

Workshop Attendance

  • Our workshops are open to any Texas State faculty or staff member. Occasionally we are able to accommodate guests; contact Professional Development (5.7899) for more information.

  • If a Professional Development workshop has reached participant capacity, the SAP Training and Development Portal will display the following message:

    Book on Waitlist

  • If a workshop is at capacity, you may click on the “Book on Waitlist” option to be placed in a waitlist queue. Should a registered participant cancel their booking and a space becomes available, SAP will automatically book the “next-in-line” on the waitlist. That participant will receive an email confirmation from Professional Development:

    Waitlist Confirmation

  • At any time, you can check on the status of your wait listed workshops by viewing the “My Training Activities” screen:

    My Training Activities

  • You will receive an email certification for each Professional Development workshop you attend. Also, the SAP Portal tracks all workshops as verification of your attendance if needed for your annual performance appraisal. Once you log in, click on Training Activities to view or print completed courses.

Workshop Proposals

Workshop Registration

  • Once you have chosen a workshop:

    • log into the SAP Portal;
    • click on the Training and Development Tab;
    • click on your chosen category (e.g., Organizational Excellence, Personal Effectiveness, etc.) in the Course Catalog section;
    • click on the name of your chosen workshop;
    • click on your desired date of your workshop.
  • Registration opens approximately three weeks before the workshop date and closes automatically one week prior.

  • If you cannot log in to SAP, contact ITAC. Their team will determine if you are using an SAP compatible web browser and/or if your SAP password needs to be reset.

  • The date of the workshop may be scheduled more than 60 days out. SAP defaults to a 60-day search of scheduled courses. You can change the default to search for scheduled workshops more than 60 days in advance.

  • You will receive a workshop confirmation within 24 hours of registering by email. You will also be notified the same way if any changes are made to the workshop, e.g., time or room location change.

  • Multi-day workshops with a substantial amount of prepared materials require a definite advance registration and cannot allow non-registered participants.

    However, “walk-ins” are allowed for other workshops. This means you will not have pre-registered and must do several things when you come to the workshop: 

    1) sign in on the walk-in sheet,

    2) make a name tag for yourself. 

    Call the PD office at 5.7899 if you have further questions.