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Military Crosswalk

As a higher education institution, we aim to increase veteran employment opportunities. To help achieve this goal, Texas State's Military Crosswalk matches occupational codes from each branch of the US Armed Forces to applicable job titles in our Pay Plan.

Explore the crosswalk in the table below. For more career support information, visit our Resources website.

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  • Crosswalk Overview

    • According to Texas Government Code, Section 656.002, state agencies are required to include occupational codes from each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces on all notices related to employment openings. 

      While higher education institutions are not required to provide this service, Texas State is proud to do so for veterans and active military.

    • The State Auditor’s Office is responsible for maintaining the official Military Crosswalk and strives to keep the crosswalk current by making updates as needed.

      Due to the changing nature of classifications, there may be a delay between official publication of materials by the U.S. Armed Forces and any related modifications on our crosswalk.

    • For more information on occupational specialty codes, please refer to the State Auditor's Office Military Crosswalk Guide.

Texas State's Military Crosswalk

    • When applying for a position at Texas State, note the job title provided in the job posting.
    • Locate the Texas State job title in the right column of the table below.
    • Identify and click on the corresponding military occupational category to review the codes, ratings, and description for the matching position provided by the State Auditor's Office. (View the State “Job Classification Number/ Title”).

    Left column: Military occupational categories provided by the State Auditor's Office

    Right column: Matching Texas State job titles (and descriptions)


  • The military crosswalk is intended to serve as a general guide for veterans and hiring managers. Departments have the flexibility to determine qualifications that best reflect the responsibilities of the position being posted.

    Hiring managers may:

    • use the codes and ratings, provided in the State Auditor's Military Crosswalk, and include them in the job posting’s "additional information for applicant’s" field; and
    • use the codes and ratings to determine if an applicant's armed services experiences match the job title in our University Pay Plan.

(*)Titles link to job descriptions rather than job categories.

Military Occupational Category Texas State Job Title
Accounting, Auditing and Finance Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
Accountant IV
Accounting Clerk I
Accounting Clerk II
Admin Financial Analyst
Assoc Dir, Accounting
Assoc VP, Financial Services
Asst Dir, Accounting
Asst Dir, Budgeting, Fncl Plng & Analysis
Asst Dir, Payroll & Tax Compliance
Asst VP, Budgeting, Fncl Plng & Analysis
Budget Analyst
Dir, Accounting
Dir, Audits & Analysis
Dir, Payroll and Tax Compliance
Head Accounting Clerk
Mgr, Loan Collections
Sr Auditor
Sr Budget Analyst
Administrative Support

Administrative Asst I

Administrative Asst II

Administrative Asst III

Executive Assistant

Senior Admin Asst

Custodial Asst Dir, Custodial Operations

Asst Dir, Grounds Operations

Crew Supv, Custodians


Dir, Custodial Operations

Dir, Grounds Operations

Food Service Worker

Grounds Maint Wkr I

Grounds Maint Wkr II

Head Custodian

Head Grounds Maint Wkr

Laundry Equip Op

Supv, Custodial Services
Education Asst Dir, Educational Technology Ctr
Dir, Educational Technology Ctr
Employment Dir, Professional Development
Employment Manager
Engineering and Design CADD Drafter
Construction Contract Admin
Engineering Project Manager
Human Resources

Assoc Dir, Human Resources

Asst VP, Human Resources

Equity and Access Rep

Equity and Access Spec

HR Assistant

HR Representative

Human Resources Analyst

Sr HR Analyst

Sr HR Asst

Training Specialist

Information Technology

Asst Dir, Network Operations

AVP, Technology Resources

Business Process Analyst

Chief Information Security Officer

Computer Tech

Data Entry Op

Database Admin

Dir, Educational Technology Center

Dir, Network Operations

Electronic Research Spec

Information Security Analyst I

Information Security Analyst II

Network Admin

Network Specialist

Programmer Analyst I

Programmer Analyst II

Sr Business Process Analyst

Sr Database Administrator

Sr Information Security Analyst

Sr Systems Administrator

Systems Administrator I

Systems Administrator II

Systems Analyst I

Systems Analyst II

Systems Programmer I

Systems Programmer II

Systems Support Analyst

Systems Support Spec I

Systems Support Spec II

Telecommunications Tech

USC and Webmaster

Land Surveying, Appraising, and Utilities

Assoc Dir, Utilities Operations

Dir, Utilities Operations

GIS Services Specialist

GIS Technician

Law Enforcement Capt
Dir, UPD
Police Officer

Attorney For Students

Equity and Access Rep

Equity and Access Spec

Legal Assistant

Mgr, Employee Relations

Staff Attorney

TSUS Assoc General Counsel


Air Condition Mech I

Air Condition Mech II

Carpenter I

Carpenter II

Crew Supv, Air Cond Mech

Crew Supv, Facilties Maint

Electrician I

Electrician II

Electronic Research Spec

Equipment Operator

Facilities Maintenance Worker I

Facilities Maintenance Worker II

Head Air Cond Mechanic

Head Carpenter

Head Electrician

Head Facilities Maintenance Worker

Head Plumber

Maintenance Manager

Medical Technologist II

Plumber I

Plumber II

Utility Maint Wkr I

Utility Maint Wkr II

Medical and Health

Assoc Dir, Student Health Ctr

Dir, Peer Mentoring

Dir, Student Health Center


Medical Assistant

Medical Technologist I

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse, RN

Pharmacist I

Pharmacy Supervisor

Pharmacy Tech



Public Information Specialist

Sr Psychologist

Supervising Psychologist

Natural Resources Hydrogeologist
Office Services

Duplicating Equip Op

Mgr, Printing & Mail Services


Pre-Press Tech I

Pre-Press Tech II

Printer I

Printer II

Planning, Research and Stats

Research Analyst

Research Assoc

Research Asst

Research Coord

Research Scientist

Sr Research Analyst

Program Management IT Project Manager
Program Specialist
Project Management Director
Property Management and Procurement

Buyer I

Buyer II

Contract Specialist

Grant Coordinator

Grant Director

Grant Senior Coordinator

Grant Specialist

Head Inventory Control Clerk

Inventory Control Clerk I

Inventory Control Clerk II

IP Contract Specialist


Procurement Analyst

Procurement Specialist

Supv, Property Management

Public Safety Coord, Emergency Management
Guard Sgt
Safety Asst Dir, EHS & Risk Mgmt
Dir, Environment Health and Safety
Environ Health & Safety Specialist
Sr EHS Specialist
Supv, Env Health, Safety & Risk
Social Services Assoc Dir, Disability Services
Case Manager
Counseling Specialist
Dir, Disab Services
Health Promotion Specialist
Workforce Development Specialist V* Asst Dir, Development
Asst VP, Development
Mgr, Employment