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Thank you for exploring the New Employee Welcome site. We understand that a new position is an exciting time filled with new experiences. During this important transition period, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following to help you prepare and acclimate to your new role at Texas State University.


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Before first day

Congratulations on receiving an offer letter to become part of our Bobcat community!

Upon accepting the offer letter:

• Review offer letter carefully for instructions on required documentation for New Employee Welcome (NEW) I

• Make sure to bring all required documents to NEW I.

• Collect information about any prior state service and leave balances to provide during NEW I.

• Review driving directions and parking information for NEW I and for your office in the afternoon.

• Review our Benefits website concerning decisions you need to make regarding benefits, health care, insurance, etc.(You must sign up within 30 days of starting your job, so you have time to get acquainted with your options.)

  - Make note of any questions you may have regarding your benefits options. You will receive an overview of Benefits during NEW I, but if you have any questions before or after the first orientation session, contact the Benefits office at 512.245.2557 or

• Explore this site so you are better prepared for your first days and weeks.

First Day

Welcome to your first day at Texas State! We are excited you are here.  

New Employee Welcome (NEW) I is located in the J.C. Kellam Administration Building, Suite 460 at 8 a.m. Be prepared for the following:

• Bring requested forms and identification.

• Provide banking information for payroll purposes.

• Obtain Net ID from your department.

• Enroll for health coverage and other benefits.

• Purchase a parking permit for the San Marcos or Round Rock campus.

• Verify outside employment or any conflicts of interest.

After NEW I, you can go to your new office: 

• Meet your supervisor and fellow colleagues. 

• Clarify initial assignments with your supervisor.

• Setup Outlook with your Texas State email address.

• If needed, request a long distance PIN and voicemail service.

• Learn about all of the services offered by the IT Assistance Center (ITAC).

• Inquire about a buddy or mentor to be available for questions or concerns.

• Tour your new department and building and make note of restrooms, break rooms or areas, fire exits, conference rooms, etc.

• Mark your calendar for New Employee Welcome (NEW) II.

First week

• Familiarize yourself with Texas State's administration and structure for San Marcos and Round Rock campuses.

• Explore the websites of your department and division.

• Navigate the Support Staff Resources website

• Learn the names of your fellow department colleagues.

• Open Skype for Business and get started connecting with your new colleagues through IM and online meetings.

• Meet with supervisor to discuss your job responsibilities, performance expectations and performance management process.

• Obtain your picture ID from ID Services, located in the LBJ Student Center.

• Sign up to receive TXState Alerts.

• Learn to navigate SAP’s Employee Self-Service link and enter your time.

• Install CrashPlan on your work computer and backing up your files.

• Learn where to access University Policies and Procedures (UPPS).

• Review the Staff Handbook.

     - Ask your supervisor or colleagues about the office policy where you work.

     - Learn about your department's process for requesting leaves and absences (flex time, comp time, overtime, office lunch and break hours, etc.).

   - Learn about the procedures for phone usage, processes for long-distance calls, and online phone directories.

• Identify and schedule any required professional development workshops you need (e.g., travel, purchasing, People Admin, etc.)

• Join Texas State's social media

• Familiarize yourself with your surroundings in the San Marcos or Round Rock areas. 

First month

• Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with your immediate supervisor or employee(s) on your work role and expectations. Request ongoing feedback.

• Make final decisions about dental, optional insurance benefits, and Tex Flex through ERS (30 day window of opportunity).

• Attend New Employee Welcome (NEW) II based on your assigned date (second Friday of each month after first day of employment).

  - Review orientation materials and note questions you have.

• Network with peers across Texas State. Consult with your supervisor and colleagues on networking opportunities.

• Learn about the different committees, teams and volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

• Learn how to access free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, including perks and discounts and register to participate in our WellCats program, if desired.

• Visit the Athletics website to learn about our teams and purchase tickets to support our Bobcats! 

• Support the arts by visiting our Performing Arts Center and learn about our upcoming music, dance, and theatrical events.

• Continue to review the Professional Development opportunities available to you.

• Complete online Ethics & Compliance required training.

• Complete other required training for your job, as assigned.

• Understand your division’s mission, goals and core functions and how it ties to Texas State's mission and values.

• Stay current with news by reading the HR Bulletin.

• Download the Texas State mobile app, available in Google Play and iTunes, to stay connected.

• Learn about upcoming University events for San Marcos and Round Rock campuses. 

• Check out Office 365 and start taking advantage of the amazing productivity tools.

• Log into to learn about any software tool or soft skill needed to help you succeed at Texas State.

First three months

After the first few months, you should be fully aware of your role and responsibilities. Maintain an open dialogue and feedback with your supervisor and/or employee(s). Make time to assess the quality of your assignments and identify opportunities to improve and contribute to your success.

You should also be able to answer the following questions regarding your:


• What are your duties, responsibilities and performance standards?

• How is your performance evaluated? 

• What are your training requirements? 

• What are your development opportunities?

• How does your individual contribution tie to University goals?


• What is the mission, vision and goals of Texas State?

• How is your department organized? 

• What are your department and divisional mission, goals and core functions? 

• How does your department's goals tie to University goals?

• What are the office policies for your department? 

• Where do you access the University Policies and Procedures (UPPS)?

• Where are key locations across campus (e.g., Old Main, Alkek, LBJ Student Center, JCK Administrative Building, the Nursing School).

Workplace Procedures

• How can I access IT services?

• What are the safety procedures and emergency exits in your building?

• What are the time reporting procedures?

• What are the procedures for requesting leave and reporting absences?

• How do you obtain supplies?

• How do you make personal and long-distance phone calls?

• What are the rules to access your work area after-hours?

First six months

After several months, you should now be able to act more independently and take lead on some initiatives. Continue to develop relationships with your teams and Bobcat peers.

• Conduct a six-month informal performance review with supervisor or employee(s). 

   - Identify what has worked well and what needs improvement regarding your performance and mutually set goals

   - Discuss your overall experience and any significant workplace concerns.

   - Create plan for professional development for the upcoming months.

• Acknowledge eligibility to use accumulated vacation time (if no prior state service).

First nine months

At this point, you should feel more engaged in your new role and identify with Texas State culture. You should also feel more confident with your acquired University knowledge and increase your ability to contribute to team goals and understand how your role affects other at Texas State.

• Continue with open dialogue with supervisor and or employee(s). 

• Prepare for upcoming formal performance review. 

• Complete a self-assessment included in our Performance Management process.

• Make time to celebrate your successes and assess opportunities for improvement.

First year

Congratulations on reaching one full year of service at Texas State! We hope that this important milestone is the first of many with us. Your contributions are highly valued  to our Bobcat community.

At this important time, you should feel fully engaged in your new role and identify with Texas State culture. During the course of the year, you should have developed meaningful relationships with your colleagues and peers and have a complete understanding of Texas State's mission and culture.

• Complete a formal performance review with your supervisor and/or employee(s). 

• Talk about your experiences with your supervisor and/or employee(s):

   - how has the role met your expectations?

   - are your knowledge and skills being used to the fullest? 

   - what is working well and what can be done better? 

   - what additional support or resources do you need? 

• Discuss your career goals and professional development. 

• Continue to seek regular feedback from your supervisor and/or employee(s).

• Remember to stay updated on community outreach programs, Round Rockathleticperforming arts, and university-wide events, and HR news

• Celebrate your milestone!