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Texas State University will not discriminate against any person (or exclude any person from participating in or receiving the benefits of any of its activities or programs) on any basis prohibited by law, including race, color, age, national origin, religion, sex or disability, or on the basis of sexual orientation.  Texas State is committed to increasing the number of women and minorities in faculty and senior administrative positions.  Texas State University is a member of the Texas State University System.

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Texas State's compensation goals are:

  • To establish compensation levels for positions on the basis of their duties and responsibilities, external competitiveness within relative labor markets, and relative internal worth.
  • To reward employees on the basis of work performance and longevity.
  • To administer pay equitably and consistently.
  • To administer the compensation program in a judicious manner within funding availability, the Rules and Regulations of The Texas State University System, and federal and state statutory requirements.


Compensation Philosophy
EEO Categories
New Position and Reclassification Audit Procedure
FLSA Checklist
Glossary of Terms

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Compensation Policies

UPPS 04.04.11: University Classification and Compensation Policy
UPPS 04.04.12: Compensation in Excess of Base Annual Salary For Staff
UPPS 04.04.16: Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy

Compensation Presentations

Job Audits - How and Why

Compensation Forms and Documents

Job Analysis Form (JAF)*
Secretarial Classification System
Compensable Travel Time Chart
Nepotism Chart
Flex Staffing Titles
Head-Crew Supervisor- Supervisor Criteria
Guidelines for Assistant, Associate and Director Level Positions
Graduate Assistant Job Description Template

*The Job Analysis Form replaced GOJA