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Facilitation is an informal process where 1 - 2 individuals or a small group meet with an ER representative to informally resolve a potential dispute. Sometimes these issues involve relationship difficulties. 

The ER team is available to help you and your team address and diffuse potential disputes, navigate difficult conversations, and help work collaboratively toward a goal. 

Call 5.2557 to schedule a facilitation session. 

Facilitation is appropriate when:

  • an objective/goal needs to be met and the process is unclear;
  • individuals/groups need to make difficult decisions; 
  • interpersonal tension exists between team members;
  • managers or employees need help having difficult conversations.

Common facilitation topics deal with approaching:

  • disciplinary processes;
  • interpersonal differences;
  • differences in opinion regarding performance reviews;
  • performance improvement conversations;
  • reasonable suspicion conversations;
  • university policy interpretation.