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Ethics and Compliance Training

The University's compliance program provides faculty and staff with an awareness of the minimum required and encourages them to go beyond mere compliance to create a culture of ethics in all areas of their lives. In addition, the compliance program helps protect the university from regulatory errors, omissions and failures by improving communication and information among members of the university community.

What is compliance? In this context, compliance means understanding and adhering to all the rules, regulations, laws, and policies, both internal and external, that relate to faculty and staff positions.

What is ethics? Ethics is doing what you should do because it is right. It exceeds mere compliance.

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  • Reporting non-compliance is the responsibility of everyone at Texas State, whether it concerns them, a co-worker or fellow student, or someone they have never met. The university has many ways to report questionable activity and individuals may use the method with which they are the most comfortable.

    • The fastest and most efficient way to resolve an issue is to take it directly to the supervisor or manager closest to the problem.
    • But, for whatever reason someone is unable to report it in person, there are hotlines.

    The university will make every effort to keep identities anonymous.  Additionally, both the state and federal government have “Whistleblower” laws, designed to protect individuals who come forward to report non-compliance. These laws prohibit negative job actions because of whistleblowing actions. Reporting non-compliance helps to make Texas State a better place to work, study, and live.


    Toll free hotlines:


    • Phone: 512.245.1707 (leave voice mail)

    State of Texas Auditor's Office:

    Human Resources:

Staff Ethics and Compliance Training

Texas State believes providing ethics and compliance training for staff is vital to creating a working environment where each university member can perform at their maximum ability. To provide this training, the University has implemented an on-line ethics and compliance training program that uses modules to convey information about workplace issues. This program provides the most recent information about University policy and state and federal law in areas like overtime pay, sexual harassment, purchasing, and information security. 

How to complete training?

  1. Log into the SAP Portal ( (If you are having trouble logging in to SAP, please contact contact ITAC for help.)
  2. Click the "Training and Development" tab.
  3. In the Search Term box, enter "Ethics and Compliance."
  4. Click "Ethics and Compliance On-Line Course."
  5. Click "Book This Course."
  6. Click "OK."
  7. Click "Start Course Now."

All Texas State staff members are responsible for their conduct and must complete compliance training every two years to renew their Ethics Compliance Certification.

Faculty Ethics and Compliance Training

The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs has selected eight modules that all faculty shall review that are required by law or good practice.  Various campus offices have developed information on these eight modules to educate faculty about current university policy and procedures to help you know the right thing to do in a variety of circumstances.

Download and read the Faculty Ethics and Compliance Training Manual.