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Ethics and Compliance Training

Texas State believes providing ethics and compliance training for all employees is vital to create a safe, morally conscious, and upstanding work environment.

This training provides updated information about our University policies, along with state and federal law regarding key compliance issues in the workplace.

All Texas State employees are responsible for their conduct and must recertify every two years to meet required standards.


Staff & Student Employee Training

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Note: We are aware of the current technical difficulties with this module, and are working to address them. For the time being, we recommend completing this course in one sitting. If you attempt to complete this course in multiple sittings, you are at risk of losing course progress upon reopening.

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  • Reporting non-compliance is the responsibility of everyone at Texas State, whether it concerns them, a co-worker or fellow student, or someone they have never met. The university has many ways to report questionable activity and individuals may use the method with which they are the most comfortable.

    • The fastest and most efficient way to resolve an issue is to take it directly to the supervisor or manager closest to the problem.
    • But, for whatever reason someone is unable to report it in person, there are hotlines.

    The university will make every effort to keep identities anonymous.  Additionally, both the state and federal government have “Whistleblower” laws, designed to protect individuals who come forward to report non-compliance. These laws prohibit negative job actions because of whistleblowing actions. Reporting non-compliance helps to make Texas State a better place to work, study, and live.


    Toll free hotlines:


    • Phone: 512.245.1707 (leave voice mail)

    State of Texas Auditor's Office:

    Human Resources: