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Book Your Own Course

OD & Communications assists Texas State departments and offices across campus with course administration within SAP. If your department or office is hosting a course that you need to give participation credit for, our team is here to help you with that process. For more information, please contact 5.7899 or

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    • If your office has a workshop or training you want to provide to a targeted audience, or to all staff and faculty, you can submit a request by filling out the Course Administration Request form.
    • Once the form is received, our Development & Communications Team will take care of the following:
      • Advertise/list in Monthly Communication (H.R. Bulletin, Development Flip-Book).  You may choose to advertise to a select audience as well.
      • Open registration in the SAP Training & Development Portal.
      • Provide a finalized participant list/roster 48 hours prior to your date.
      • Credit all participants in SAP with course attendance.
      • You can request additional services such as printing of course materials, name tags, etc. with a minimum of seven days notice.
  • By requesting Course Management, OD & Communications can help you with the following:

    • list the course registration sign-up in SAP under the Training and Development tab;
    • provide email notification to campus, where the:
      • booking confirmation is automatically sent to registered participants with a calendar reservation option
      • course cancellation is automatically sent when a course is canceled
      • course change is automatically sent when the room, date and time is modified
      • course reminder is automatically sent the day prior to the course
      • course attendance confirmation is automatically sent when a participant's attendance is confirmed
    • option to apply a certification to a course (i.e., the Travel Office requires an annual recertification);
    • access to SAP for registrant information:
      • participant list
      • wait list
    • use of existing customized reports in SAP for statistical and record purposes:
      • attendance report
      • other reports available, upon request
    • closure of registration the day prior to the course date
  • If you request course management, you are responsible for:
    • submitting the Course Administration Request form at least one month prior to the anticipated course date;
    • notifying participants and advertising;
    • materials required for the course.

For further information, contact OD & Communications at ext. 5.7899