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Marital or Partnership Status Change

When your marital or partnership status changes, there are steps you must take to update your legal name, health benefits, tax filing status, and other services and benefits. In some cases, these steps need to be taken within 30 days of the date of the status change.

Our office can help you with many of these changes, pending the submission of a Personal Data and Address Change Form, which can be found in the Personal Information Updates section of our Forms website.

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  • Benefits and Resources

    • Update your name in several systems by completing a simple form and submitting it to the Office of Human Resources. Visit our Forms website, locate the Personal Information section and download the Personal Data and Address Change Form.

      Submit this completed form - along with a copy of your new Social Security card and a copy of the supporting document for your name change. Your name will then be updated through SAP, ERS, ITAC and Faculty & Academic Resources (if applicable).

      If you do not have the necessary documentation for a legal name change but would like to update the way your name appears in Bobcat Mail, Skype and Office 365 programs, please contact ITAC.

    • You may add or remove someone from your insurance within 31 days of a qualifying life event - including marriage, divorce and other life events - by contacting ERS, the agency that manages health insurance plans for state employees, retirees and their dependents.

      For questions about benefits, contact the Office of Human Resources at 5.2557 or

    • If your tax filing status has changed, you may consider updating your tax withholding information.

      There is no deadline to update your tax withholding; you may update this information at any time. 

      Most employees can update their federal tax withholding through the SAP Portal (by clicking on Payroll-Benefits My W-4).

      The Office of Human Resources cannot recommend the number of allowances you claim on your W-4, but we can help you with the process of updating this document.

    • Bobcat Balance is your work life and employee assistance program. This program provides free and confidential services and resources to help you through various life experiences, including resource information on: counseling, household resources, financial planning, legal services, and more.