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Staff Performance Award Program

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The university will continue the staff performance award program for fiscal year 2022.

We encourage you to learn more about this important program, including eligibility, qualifying achievements, and award amounts. Because of the varying nature and size, each division may establish its own timelines and selection process and may add additional selection criteria consistent with these guidelines.

Funds for these performance awards have been distributed to each division. While budget cuts have impacted this program, the university is prioritizing these awards to recognize the teamwork, service, and innovation staff members continue to exemplify during unprecedented challenges.

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    • Part-time, regular, and non-regular staff employees.
    • Individuals no longer with the university who were nominated for performance during the award period.
  • Activity/Idea: 

    •  Directly impacted achievement of strategic plan goals and/or objectives.
    • Improved a process or a system, achieved customer satisfaction or saved money, etc. 
    • Incorporated or utilized quality principles.


    • Took on additional responsibilities temporarily with no corresponding increase in compensation.
    • Applied their Texas State training and job-related skills to a pro bono service to the greater community at large.
    • Received recognition from a professional organization for service.
    • Completed professional growth, certification, or licensure.

    The list above is not comprehensive. An employee may receive an award without achieving one of the above criteria provided the activity represented an effort that was significantly “above and beyond” the normal job expectations. Furthermore, the activity must have constituted a specific project, action, or unique effort. Note that continuous meritorious service is rewarded during the annual salary review process when merit pay funds are available and is not part of this performance award process.

    •  The maximum award(s) an individual may receive for the year is $2,000.   
    • Amounts above $2,000 may be awarded in exceptional circumstances and must be recommended by the appropriate divisional Vice President and approved by the President.
  • The performance award program maintains the option of just-in-time awards. Supervisors and account managers have the authority to make awards at any time during the year for what they believe to be exceptional performance within their divisional guidelines. Typically, the staff member would receive the award as a one-time addition to their regularly scheduled pay or through the next scheduled supplemental payroll.


Please contact Anna Edmonds, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Finance and Support Services, at 5.2244.